Mackie 1402 VLZ4 Ultra Compact Mixer



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H compact 1402-VLZ4 είναι 14κάναλη κονσόλα. Έχει 6 onyx προενισχυτές μικροφώνου, 4 stereo line in είσοδους,  2 stereo aux return, 2 aux send, 3-band EQ, συρόμενα ποτενσιόμετρα 60mm, low cut filter, PFL, 48V phantom power, balanced stereo out , control room out και alt-out και ενσωματωμένο τροφοδοτικό. Οι διαστάσεις της είναι 329 x 356 x 81 mm (HxWxD) και βάρος 4,5kg. Είναι κατάλληλη για post-production, studio recording, ομιλίες, μουσικούς ή μικρά μουσικά σχήματα κ.α.

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες


14-channel mixer featuring Mackie signature high-headroom/low-noise design
6 boutique-quality Onyx mic preamps
Ultra-wide 60dB gain range
128.5 dB dynamic range
+22 dBu line input handling
Extended frequency response
Distortion under 0.0007% (20Hz – 50kHz)
Improved RF rejection perfect for broadcast applications
Phantom power for condenser mics
14 high-headroom line inputs with +4/-10 operation control
3-band EQ (80Hz, 2.5kHz, 12kHz)
18 dB/oct 75Hz low-cut filter on mic input channels
2 aux sends, level, pan and PFL solo on each channel
60mm long-wearing log-taper faders
2 stereo returns for connecting FX processor or other stereo source
ALT 3/4 stereo bus for added routing flexibility
Control room / phones source matrix
High-resolution 12-segment stereo meters
Sealed rotary control resist dust and grime
“Built-Like-A-Tank” rugged steel chassis with powder-coat finish
High-visibility, high-contrast controls deliver convenient “at-a-glance” visual feedback
Rack-mountable design using optional rack ear kit
Multi-voltage power supply for worldwide use
Διαστάσεις (HxWxD) 329 x 356 x 81 mm
Βάρος: 4,5kg.



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